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The · Record · of · Roses

The Midsummer Ball.

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"I'm real sneaky," the girl would insist as she clutched so easily to this presented challenge. Torn stockings and ruined skirt from the tree climbing, she would not even squirm a tiny bit at the suggestion of using her skirt to carry the ill-gotten treats away.

Oh the plan did sound like an excellent one to her -she would nod eagerly in agreement! "Of course! She did not help. Why should we share?" She knew nothing of his sister, why should she feel obligated to split their booty with her?

How bright those dark eyes were, sparkling with delight while impish smile did spread from ear-to-ear. "Let's go!" Without another word the girl was beginning to ease herself down like a small monkey with small grunts of labor here and there.

* * *